The Council of Religions Frankfurt consists of the following members

Baha’i Community
Buddhist Religious Community
Christian Churches and Associations
Christian Community: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons)
Hindu Religious Community
Islamic Religious Communities and Congregations
Jewish Community Frankfurt (inactive membership)
Muslim Community: Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Frankfurt (AMJ)
Sikh Community

Religion(s) in Frankfurt am Main

In Frankfurt, we have a large religious diversity, historically rooted in the town’s status as a Free Imperial and Trade Fair City, and nowadays based on economic globalization as well as immigration and the arrival of refugees in the last five decades. Today, about 150 different groups and denominations can be basically subsumed under nine religions and religious communities. The Council of Religions (Rat der Religionen) is a politically independent board. It is not concerned with internal and specifically theological affairs of the individual member communities.

The Goals of the Council of Religions (Rat der Religionen) Frankfurt

Internally, we want to learn more about each other, appreciate one another and treat each other with respect. We want to search for interconnections, bear and accept differences, discover common interests, encourage work on these topics and, finally, renounce proselytization in terms of urging conversion to another religion.

To the public, we want to exemplify the prospects of different religious groups and cultures living together, peacefully address the current social and political topics of the city and devise a shared stance. We commit ourselves to the peaceful and equal cooperation of all citizens of Frankfurt, counteract prejudices, discrimination and violence – especially against a religion or in the name of religion. Together, we want to stand up for fundemental human rights, the right to practice your religion freely or to change it as well as the right not to practice any religion. Cooperating with leaders of the city and civil society, we aim at the prevention and mediation of conflicts.

Our Activities

We organize interreligious meetings and forums for discussion of contemporary issues. Regularly, we organize the multi-religious opening ceremonies of the Intercultural Weeks in Frankfurt. We are available for advisory service and cooperation with municipal authorities, as well as civil-society associations, institutions and organizations. Moreover, we supprt cooperation projects in schools, youth work, parishes and other interested organizations. We are open to good ideas and suggestions that support and improve the work of the Council.